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Mission Statement

We, at Clarkton School of Discovery, are committed to providing an enriching, nurturing environment and a challenging curriculum while educating the whole child through continuous improvement, self-reflection, and the ability to adapt to change. We will prepare our children to become life-long learners who function successfully in an ever-changing society..."We are all in this together!"

CSD Facts & Information 

¶  There are no performance measures, auditions, or tests required for acceptance into our school.  Any child entering 6th - 8th grade may apply to attend.

¶  Our core classes are taught in the mornings and include Communication Skills, Reading, Math, Science and Social Studies.

¶  Academically Gifted courses are in place for those students who qualify and are identified.

¶  We offer a wide variety of elective courses, which meet the North Carolina Standard Course of Study requirements.  Elective courses vary each quarter and include such classes as dance, drama, music, visual arts, computer, technology, vocational education, physical education, science, social studies, math, and communication skills.  Most elective courses are nine weeks in length, although some last a semester and some last all year.  A student could potentially take 12 nine-week long courses during the school year.

¶  We sponsor a National Junior Beta Club, National Junior Art Society, North Carolina Scence Olympiad Team, North Carolina Quiz Bowl Team, Battle of the Books Team, North Carolina Envirothon Team, NCDOT Bridge Building Team, and the North Carolina Parent, Teacher, Student Association.

¶  Our extracurricular athletic program includes football, volleyball, boys' & girls' basketball, cheerleading, softball, and soccer.

¶  Our affiliations and sponsors include the NC Middle School Association, NC Congress of Parents & Teacher, Inc., Tar Heel Junior Historian Association, National Art Education Association, Magnet Schools of America, NC Farm Bureau for the "Agriculture in the Classroom" elective, Peace Grows Inc, for the "Alternatives to Violence" elective (we are the first school in NC to offer this as a stand-alone elective), NASA Earth Cam and NASA Connects, UNC-P, Smithfield, Starr Telephone, Campbell Oil & Gas, Dupont, and the Lions Club for the "Quest" elective, Project leadership elective and International Peace Poster Program.

¶  North Carolina A+ School (Kenan Institute for the Arts, one of 25 schools in North Carolina)

¶  North Carolina Governor's Entrepreneurial School in 1996