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Subjects Taught
Social Studies Grade 7


Brevard College, Brevard, N.C.

University Of North Carolina Appalachian. Boone, N.C.

West Georgia University, Carrollton, GA.

Oxford University, TEFL International School, Phuket, Thailand

NCVPS Certification at University North Carolina Chapel Hill



 I am excited to teach your child & get to know you this year! This is an important year because we will be working on "Keeping Organized" & "Developing Life Skills for the 21st Century". I believe that parent, student & teacher need to work together to be successful in the classroom & that communication is the key. Please feel free to contact me either by sending a note, by phone 910-647-6531 or email Our main objective is to attain the basics, expand our Life Skills & Learning through Global Awareness, using all types of Media & Technology to broaden our learning in becoming successful in the 21st Century.



(1) Bring all your material to class

(2) Be seated in your assigned seat

(3) No talking unless it is a specific activity

(4) Do not interrupt the teacher or your classmates

(5) Follow Clarkton School of Discovery'd Code of Conduct ( copy will be sent home)


CLARKTON DISCIPLINE POLICY: is a unique school wide way to discipline that relies on us communicating for your child's best interest. As your child's homeroom teacher, I will be informing you of any problems through written communication & phone calls.

(1) OFFENSE= Behavior Page & Homeroom Teacher Notification  

(2) Behavior Page with Homeroom Teacher & Parent notified (sign & return)

(3) Behavior Page with Teacher,Parent, & Office notified 

(4) ISS minimum 3 days or other depending on problem.                                 

Please be aware that your help & questions are welcome in this policy. Your child must learn to be responsible for their actions & together we can help them be successful & mature as they grow into a young adult.


SUPPLIES : 3 ring Notebook,dividers, notebook paper packs, pencils, erasable pens, pack thin colored markers,& 2 boxes kleenex.                                         



 Brevard Middle School, Brevard, NC 

Penrose Elementary,Penrose, NC                                                                

Grays Chapel School, Asheboro, NC                                                            

East Central Elementary, Rome, GA.                                                

Darlington School, Rome, GA                                                     

Carlisle School, Martinsville, VA                                                         

Central Elementary, Danville, VA

Opp High School, Opp, AL 

Opp Middle School, Opp, AL.                                                          

Davidson River School, Pisgah Forest, NC 




  I grew up in the beautiful mountains of Brevard, NC. I came from a family of educators & always knew that I wanted to be a teacher. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 1977 with a Middle School Education Degree. This was a new major because it concentrated on the psychology of students this age, as well as academics. My concentration areas are Social Studies & Language Arts. Later, I attended West Georgia University & became certified as a Media Specialist. My latest adventure led me to study & live in Thailand. There, I became certified to teach English as a Second Language & taught adults. This has added to my interest to teach World Geography, History, & Culture, which will be my class this year. My students & I will be traveling to Asia, Africa, & Australia in class & learn how these places relate to our lives in North Carolina.

  I was married in 1978 & have 2 beautiful children TC (30 yrs. old) & Kimberlee (24 yrs. old). My husband's job transferred us a lot & we had the opportunity to live all over the southeast. Our moves entitled me to teach not only in NC, but Georgia, Virginia,& Alabama.I was fortunate to travel abroad & plan to use my adventures to introduce my students to the different countries' cultures.I feel my experiences teaching in many places has helped me in developing my curriculum for Social Studies & Language Arts.

  After 26 years, I finally, moved back to NC & enjoying my fiifth year at Clarkton School of Discovery. CSD is a unique school & provides a wonderful place for your child's educationI love to travel & in 2007 I went to school & taught English in Thailand. Asia was a new experience for me, compared to Europe & America. My other interests are reading, movies, plays, cooking, & writing. I am currently working on a novel & have been published in newspapers & teachers' resources. I have always incorporated writing in my classes & will be this year in our Social Studies class.This year our curriculm has changed & we will be studying World History. We start with the Reaissance in 1450 & will be covering all history until today. This is a great change & will prepare your child with a solid foundation for World History that they take their freshman year in High School Being a teacher is one of the greatest professions because it allows me to be a part of your child's life & help mold them into a young adult. I look forward to teaching your child this year & have planned a fun-filled curriculum..