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Ensminger, Stephanie Principal
McCarthy, Brendan Assistant Principal

Booth, Jennifer 8th Grade Science
Burney, Marsha 8th Grade Language Arts
Butler, Robin 7th Grade Math
Callihan, Chris Project Challege Math/Algebra
Clark, Nancy Project Challege Social Studies
Frazier, Kathy CTE-Career and Technical Education
Hays, Sherry 6th Grade Language Arts
Huggins, Janet AIG Coordinator
Jackson, Emily Exceptional Children
Jacobs-Rogers, Areda 8th Grade Math
Kornegay, Susan School Nurse
Marlowe, Jennifer 6th Grade Math
Melvin, Darrel 8th Grade NC History/US History
Pope, Beth Band
Priest, Ritchie Physical Education
Raynor, Jordan 6th Grade Science
Redwine, Crystal 7th Science
Tatum, Barbara 6th Social Studies
Thompson, Heather Project Challenge Language Arts
White, Amy 7th Grade Language Arts
Wiles, Teresa 7th Grade Social Studies/Technology
Wilson, Blake CTE-Career and Technical Education
Woodard, Theresa PC Science

Carter, Teresa NC WISE Data Manager/ Bookkeeper
Colbert, Vicki School Secretary
Huggins, Janet AIG Coordinator
Kirby, Allison ISS
Prevatte, Crystal Media Coordinator
Schultz, Beth Guidance Counselor

Kinlaw, Ann 21st Century Community Learning Center